Best Picked Sites Like TextSheet 2020-2021 used to be a go-to site for many students around the globe. The giant database of the website had amazing homework solutions that students used for years to view homework and textbook solutions. The best thing about the tool was that students don’t have to be tech-savvy to get their homework solution done – the interface and site itself was easy as pie. If you are a student who counted on text sheet for homework and is pissed off at the moment, thinking what to do after its shut down then relax! We’ve got you covered. There are some excellent sites like Textsheet that have been in use and provide the same services as textsheet.

What happened to Textsheet?

Textsheet was the most prominent academic website but it had to come down. The website was forced to shut down as it violated the rules set by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Chegg an American company accused Textsheet of copying homework and homework solutions. The website claimed Textsheet uploaded their content on their sites. Due to copyright infringement claims, the site was shut down by higher authorities.

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Top ten sites like Textsheet

Ever since the Textsheet came down, students are more into finding some reliable sites that work like it. We have compiled a list of the Best alternatives for Textsheet that will help you to have a better understanding of the subject so you can improve your grades.

1.   Chegg

Paid/unpaid: Paid


If you’d been a regular user of text sheets then you’d love the Chegg. Since most of the content from Textsheet was stolen from Chegg and it was the prime reason for Textsheet down. The site is popular among students as it answers every question. The site is not free, you have to pay certain bucks to avail their services. The monthly subscription can cost you as low as $15. The website offers some great perks like the availability of the experts who remain up to guide you 24/7.

2.   Slader

Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid


Slader is one of the best and most popular sites like Textsheet. Luckily, the wide database of the website including books and solutions is available on the Sader repository to assist students in getting good grades. Most of the content is free and users even can provide the general notes as well that eventually help students out checking notes regarding a particular topic or question. Since most of the users have access to upload content on the Slader so every uploaded answer will not always be correct.

3.   Course hero

Paid/unpaid: Partially paid


The course hero is another legitimate site like Most of the features of the site can be availed free however to enjoy premium features you need to pay some bucks. All trending topics like 85 Biology books and 82 Math books are available. Experts also there to view and guide homework. In the course hero, students have the right to contribute to their repository. In the paid version of course hero, you will enjoy extra perks like you can enjoy the assistance of experts at any time of the day. If you got stuck in the middle of your assignment, you can ask out for help.

4.   Paper Help

Paid/unpaid: Paid


Paperhelp is another great alternative. It has been helping students to complete any academic challenge since 2008. It has helped millions of students all around the globe who were in desperate need of a magical tool that could help them in their studying and writing research papers. The site is helpful for every student no matter what grade you are in. It is a paid alternative to Textsheet. You get your paperwork delivered to your doorstep as soon as starts from just $10 and all the way up to $ 24 per page.

5.   Studylib

Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid


studylib is also one of the excellent websites similar to Textsheet. It covers vast subjects Maths, Science, Social Science, Business, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Humanities, History and Miscellaneous. You can download the documents and explore other interesting things. The site has easy to use interface and has been assisting students in their academic needs for years. If you have something that can be helpful for other students, you can upload it after signing up on this one of the great sites like Textsheet.

6.   The Spark Notes

Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid


The Spark Notes has been around for quite a long. The website has been helping American students since 1999. It serves as an online platform to buy books, as well as a Test Prep service. The site is also available on the app version and you can run this app on both Android and iOS devices. It covers almost every subject including biology, chemistry, maths, computer, health, philosophy, sociology, business, U.S. Government And Political, economics, drama, poetry, short stories, and more.

7.   Quizlet

Paid/unpaid: Paid


It is undoubtedly one of the best sites like Textsheet that has over 50 Million active students from over 130 countries. No matter what subject are you studying ranging from Math, all the way to Art’s and Humanities, you will always get assistance from experts. The site has the pro yearly subscription available for $23.88 and Quizlet Go $11.99 for a one-year subscription.

8. Skooli

Paid/Unpaid: Unpaid


Moving towards the next great alternative to textsheet, we have another popular site namely Skooli. If you are a hard learner then consider exploring Skooli as it has great online tutoring services for its members. The site is simple to use and the interface is quite similar to Textsheet. Students can hire teachers to get them in their studies. Moreover, in Skooli, there are experts in every subject including biology, maths, health, physics, chemistry, sociology, psychology, English, arts, drama, and more.

9. Book Finder

Paid/Unpaid: unpaid


Bookfinder is not like Textsheet but it is for those who want to increase their academic scores by reading relevant and more helpful books. If you have been a bookworm then Book-finder is the perfect site for you. It helps students in searching for books and their prices in their database. It has an inventory of thousands of informational and best academic books also allow you to compare the prices of any book with the lowest possible price of the same book over the internet.

10. School Solver

Paid/Unpaid: Partially paid


Last but not least, the school solver is another marvelous tutoring site for homework. It is also a great alternative to Textsheet because you can find subject experts who help you at the eleventh hour or in the middle of your assignment when you are stuck and are unable to find any fruitful information.  The website allows tutors to make money. Surprisingly, tutors can earn as much as $500 by answering a simple question. Simply put, it is a great platform for students to get their academic assistance and for teachers to earn some extra bucks.

Wrapping up

The shutdown of Textsheet was disheartening for many students around the globe as it had the largest database having a wide list of homework and textbook solutions. But the reality was that most of the content from such sites was stolen from authentic and paid sites like Chegg. It is recommendable to play safe so you never get caught by any legal trouble. The above-mentioned sites are safe but it is better to use a VPN before accessing them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use sites like Textsheet?

Textsheet and sites like Textsheet are for students who don’t have enough money to spend and looking to improve their grades. The sites can be accessed by anyone but they are mainly built for those who don’t have enough money.

Is it safe to use Textsheet alternatives?

Most of the Textsheet alternatives do not follow legal matters completely especially copyright infringement.

What is Chegg and is it expensive?

Chegg is a paid website and from here the Textsheet copied their content. The site charges $20 per month from its users.

Can I get a free trial for Chegg Study?

You can get a free four-week trial of Chegg study yet you need to sign up and add credit card information before availing of the trial.


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